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Fantasies like dreams live deeply within individual's brains being a healthy and normal part of their sexuality. Fantasies are hidden somewhere in our con­sciousness and are eagerly waiting for exploration.
Many individuals do not divulge their sexual ideas and desires. Usually women do keep in secret a great deal of their fantasies. It is because certain fantasies seem so strange that women are simply ashamed of them.

Let me present you a list of women's hidden sexual fantasies:

Rape sex fantasy dominates!
We are quite difficult to understand. We appreciate love, stability, affection, delicacy… and what do we see here? We want to play the role of an innocent, nave girl forcibly pushed by a man to accomplish his desires and commands.
Double satisfaction
We, like men, prefer to be spoiled by two partners. Some like erotic moments, caressing, kissing, petting… Some women like more activities mostly related to porno-sex. Woman gets excited when both partners penetrate her anus and vagina at the same time or when they lick her clitoris or vagina. In this case her double pleasure is undoubtedly guaranteed.
Play with another pussy?
We like games with women. Licking another clitoris, sucking another tongue, playing with a dildo, vibrator or other sex toy seems to be interesting occupations for two women. The wide range of anal, vaginal, oral sex toys fits preferences of both women making their game hilarious and special.
Long live the feminism!
A woman likes to dominate sexually over a man. She expects f obedience and good conduct from him. The relation mistress-slave is welcome within women’s top sexual fantasies.
You are my master!
Sometimes women like to lead, to obey, but in other situations women need and like to disobey partner’s commands. Her partner’s sexual desire makes him to be more demanding and willing to play with the disobedient woman. A little amount of violence is acceptable.
Group sex
Sure! Undoubtedly each woman has imagined this situation at least once. Surrounded by sexy muscled men with hungry looks towards your nude body and who are eagerly waiting to passionately caress your genitals… Oh my God!
Sex with a stranger!
The idea sounds attractive for all of us. Yes, women are bored of their lovers, favorite sex toys under the pillow… Although women enjoy husband’s love and affection, they eagerly fantasize of a passionate and wild intercourse with an outsider. Sex with no responsibilities, new sensations and novelties- this is great!

Women fantasies are incredible and are really worthy to be accomplished. Why not? Some pay a lot of money for their fantasies' fulfillment. Unfortunately, the majority do not divulge their fantasies, continuing to play with their partner's phallus, a habited sex toy and lead an ordinary sexual life. But there are persons who strike for their fantasies’ accomplishment through different ways. And it doesn’t matter how forbidden or taboo they seem to be, certain women do really fulfill them. Fantasies can come true! Give them a chance and you will be proud of you!

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Never! Individual's genitals do not simply exhaust due to their amazing resistance. Although the majority of women loose their capacity of reproduction after 50s and men rarely become fathers after 70s, sexual intercourse is still possible and theoretically wishful up to the "arrival into another life". The permanent sexual interest and the activity after 60s are after all therapeutic from all points of view.

Sexual intercourse and all its related activities are fascinated and exciting. They mark our ordinary life with vitality and light. Individuals who had left behind their activities, like job, family's growth, children's education, need more sex and affection than ever.

An old man who spends his last years playing chess leads a bored and passive existence in contrast with the man who spends his days by playing active games with his partner. An old woman knitting and swinging in a rocker could discover that she has a lot to offer within a comfortable bedroom with a disposed partner. The depression and isolation that accompanies individuals' third age could be overcome due to the social effects of finding suitable sexual partners.

Statistics show that in USA women maintain their sexual interest for a longer period than men. Between 60 years and 90 women deny sex because of their husbands' inability to satisfy them. A half part of women stop their sexual activity because of their husbands' death. And only a decimal part of them choose celibacy voluntary. Women should be more awakened to think of their future sexual life. If their husbands can not satisfy them a sex toy could undoubtedly do it! Thus women are given the chance their sexuality and sexual desires to last. Different colors and sizes' dildos, vibrators and other funny sex toys could enhance women' pleasure and save their lasting marriage. Masturbation plays a significant role in fall's age. Sex toys could bring springtime and arouse passion's flame.

An interesting and at the same time frightful thought is that if sex discontinues for a long period of time, it could not be revived anymore. If an old couple has no sex for about 60 days, their sexual relationship could never be resumed. In this situation the magic words are: "use it or loose it".

Never so strange it seems a half part of men between 60-90 years pull down the curtain over their sexual satisfaction because of illness, impotence and lack of interest. A thought-out combination of permanent positive thinking and ingenious sex toys could make individuals' retirement a honeymoon!

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Sexual Lubricants

I do recommend every person who at least from time to time has sex to have a lube at home and to keep it somewhere where you are likely to have sex. You might need it for many purposes, so make sure the lube is always available. Do you wonder what you might need a lubricant for? Than perhaps your sex life is not very exciting.

Lubes can be needed for both partner sex and masturbation. What to partner sex, even if you are not too creative and prefer simple intercourse without displaying your sexual fantasy, you might need a lubricant if you suffer from vaginal dryness.

Of course, if you and your partner love anal sex you will need some anal sex toys in order to make penetration easy, painless and pleasurable. Actually, anal sex is impossible without lubricants as anus, though being a very sensitive erogenous zone does not have natural lubrication so penetration without a lube is very likely to cause pain and even injures.

The same concerns use of sex toys. No matter what sex toy you use: a dildo, a vibrator or an anal sex toy you might need a lubricant. For instance if you suffer from vaginal dryness, than naturally you will need a lube in order to make penetration easy and pleasurable, no matter what you are penetrated with: with penis or with a vibrator. And of course, playing with anal sex toys, such as anal vibrators or butt plugs requires a great deal of lubrication.

As well many people use lubricants for masturbation. No, I don't mean only playing with sex toys. Inventive ladies put a little lubricant and stimulate their nipples. The same they do for clitoral stimulation. Men also know that masturbating with lubricated palms is especially enjoyable.

So I do recommend you to buy a lubricant. It will make you more creative. Have fun!

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Once a girlfriend of mine asked me: "Why do you use sex toys? I really cannot understand what people use sex toys for and why they need them, especially those who have a sex partner. You are married, you and your partner are both healthy people, and as far as I know you both have normal libido, so why do you use these dildos, vibrators and all this kind of erotic stuff? "

Well, I don't know what other people use sex toys for. I think that every couple is unique, as well as every person is unique. Everyone has his or her own needs, desires, preferences and fantasies. That is why I cannot answer this question on behalf of all people. I only want to tell you what I use sex toys for. Who knows, may be someone will find something interesting in my experience and will find an idea on how to vary his or her own sexual relationships and sensations.

So, what I use sex toys for?

1.My husband and I often use sex toys to enhance oral sex. Thus he stimulates my clitoris with a vibrator while performing cunillingus. What for me, I use vibrator on his anus or on the balls while performing fellatio. You do know that oral sex on its own is extremely pleasurable, but can you imagine what great sensations you can get if it is enhanced by additional stimulation? I do recommend everyone to try using vibrators during oral sex.

2. As well we love using cock rings, especially those which have clitoral stimulator attached. Thus I get dual pleasure: intercourse plus incredibly enjoyable clitoral stimulation. Often this way I get two orgasms at once or one after another: vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm. By the way, do you know that cock rings make penis harder and enable a man to maintain erection? My husband does not have erection problems, but men who cannot maintain erection for a long time really should consider using a cock ring.

3. Due to my husband's job we very often have to be apart. Do you know what we do when he is gone and we both feel like having sex? Believe it or not we have very amazing phone sex! We say to each other many tender words, arouse each other with our voices and simultaneously play with sex toys. I usually use a vibrator or a dildo, whereas he makes love to a realistic vagina. This is a very amazing experience! It greatly spices up our relationships!

Of course, I did not mention all possible ways of using sex toys, but I think my experience shows that sex toys greatly enhance sex life. My girlfriend began thinking of buying a sex toy. And you?

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